New Journeys

My grandfather is one of those people that I love + adore with every part of me. He inspires me + challenges me to be a better person, not only with words but his life. He has taught me the importance of being generous, of loving people, + working hard. Next year he will celebrate his 90th birthday + the guy works harder than most people I know. Besides a certificate that states what year he was born you would never guess that he was approaching such a milestone. It's mind blowing to think of how much he has seen in his life. I can't even imagine. Today Mike and I are on our way to New Brunswick to photograph a wedding. This will be my second time visiting this beautiful province + I can't wait to explore again with Mike. New Brunswick is a special place to me for two reasons. It was the place I first fell deeply in love with photography. I remember the exact spot I stood + pushed the shutter of my dads old canon camera. Something happened in that moment, I don't know what it was but it was the start of a journey that has lead me where I am today. So crazy that over a decade later I am returning to photograph a wedding. Secondly, New Brunswick is the place that my grandfather was born. As a young boy he + his family made the journey out west with the promise of land + opportunity. It was out west that he met my grandmother + in 1944 he married the love of his the church you see below. The last time we were home to the farm we went on a little adventure to see the church that now sits in the middle of a big open field. I love exploring old buildings but it's even more amazing when a building holds such a special meaning. I wish I could go back in time to see what she looked like back in her glory days. I bet she was a beauty.

Saskatchewan Farm Church

Prairie Farm Church Wedding

back in the office //

We got home yesterday from a week vacation traveling from Palm Springs to Vegas. Although I would not want to live there I do really love the desert. It is so different from Vancouver and in its own way is so incredibly beautiful. We drove through Death Valley, stayed at the Ace Hotel, visited an old mining town with donkey's roaming the streets, drove along route 66, almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and did a photoshoot in Joshua Tree. I also got to spend time with my family in Vegas, which was so much fun. It was a whirlwind of a trip but loved every minute of it. I am really excited to share with you the shoot we did with our friends Hanne + Sierra in Joshua Tree National Park but the best I can do for now is a sneak peek :)

Palm Springs // Travel

We will be out of the office until the 5th of March on a little vacation to Palm Springs + Vegas to celebrate my beautiful mama who is turning 60 this year. Mike and I arrived in Vegas yesterday and met up with my parents and drove to Palm Springs to take in the sun, visit my great aunt + uncle who live there, and enjoy some poolside at the amazing Ace Hotel. Our first stay at the Ace happened during our California roadtrip last May and it was one of our favorite stops. We are excited to be back! My sisters will join us in Vegas for a girls weekend in the city of lights to celebrate my mom's birthday. I think this might be the first trip we have done without the men + all the should be a lot of fun! Not sure what kind of trouble my dad + Mike will get into without us but there has been a lot of talk lately about driving a Nascar. Boys will be boys.Have a great week + enjoy some photos from our last trip to Palm Springs!

Big Sur // Travel

One roadtrip we have always wanted to do is drive down to LA along the coast. Although we didn't have time to see the Oregon coast on this trip we did drive from LA to San Francisco and all I can say is wow. At every corner we were wanting to stop + explore. The road was quiet + the scenery was breathtaking. Loved every minute of it. Next time we will definitely leave a few days for this trip, stopping to camp along the way + really take it all in. This was just a teaser for the next time we do the entire coast!