We have been married since 2005, before Instagram + Pinterest even existed. We both grew up on the prairies and now live by the ocean + mountains. Getting to call Vancouver home for the past 10 years has truly inspired us. It has taught us to dream bigger, to drink good coffee, to explore, to support local, to connect with like minded people, and to go after the things that were created deep within us. Oh and that beards are so much more than a face warmer. According to Mrs. Myers + Briggs we are complete opposites in personality but thankfully we share many passions. Like travelling the world, shooting weddings, playing sports, and most importantly being parents to our adorable womb nugget, August Grey. 

Wedding photography is our passion. Getting to meet rad people + be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives makes our job the best. Ultimately, we photograph weddings because we love people + we connect with the story behind what makes every wedding special + unique. It is our goal at every wedding to not just take great photos but to add to the experience. We want to know you, what you love + what makes you tick. We believe that this in turn allows us to document every detail + moment of your day in a more honest, fresh + fun way. 

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