New Journeys

My grandfather is one of those people that I love + adore with every part of me. He inspires me + challenges me to be a better person, not only with words but his life. He has taught me the importance of being generous, of loving people, + working hard. Next year he will celebrate his 90th birthday + the guy works harder than most people I know. Besides a certificate that states what year he was born you would never guess that he was approaching such a milestone. It's mind blowing to think of how much he has seen in his life. I can't even imagine. Today Mike and I are on our way to New Brunswick to photograph a wedding. This will be my second time visiting this beautiful province + I can't wait to explore again with Mike. New Brunswick is a special place to me for two reasons. It was the place I first fell deeply in love with photography. I remember the exact spot I stood + pushed the shutter of my dads old canon camera. Something happened in that moment, I don't know what it was but it was the start of a journey that has lead me where I am today. So crazy that over a decade later I am returning to photograph a wedding. Secondly, New Brunswick is the place that my grandfather was born. As a young boy he + his family made the journey out west with the promise of land + opportunity. It was out west that he met my grandmother + in 1944 he married the love of his the church you see below. The last time we were home to the farm we went on a little adventure to see the church that now sits in the middle of a big open field. I love exploring old buildings but it's even more amazing when a building holds such a special meaning. I wish I could go back in time to see what she looked like back in her glory days. I bet she was a beauty.

Saskatchewan Farm Church

Prairie Farm Church Wedding