San Francisco // Travel

Lately, the talk around our home has been travel. You will find travel books scattered around + I'm pretty sure we ask each other "where should we go?" at least 10 times a day. In March the plan is to take a few weeks off and travel. Where is still the question. Seeing the world is a dream that Mike and I both share. Since moving to Vancouver 4 years ago, travel has taken a bit of a back seat....which is really just a testament of how amazing this city is. We didn't really feel the need to travel since we felt there was so much to explore + see within hours of our new home. But the travel bug has returned + we are making it a priority to get back on the road + experience something new this year. Now if only we could make a decision on where :) Which brings me to the next series of posts. Last year in May Mike and I took a roadtrip through California. We spent time in Palm Springs, LA, drove up the Big Sur + visited friends in a city I have wanted to see for a very long time...San Francisco. I'm pretty sure my fascination with this city started in my childhood...and I am sure I am not alone on this. Seeing the Tanner Family drive across the Golden Gate Bridge in their red convertible, or having a picnic in the park in front of the Painted Ladies, made San Francisco a city I always wanted to see. Thank you Full House for introducing me to such an amazing place. Normally when we travel we like to avoid some of the really touristy spots. I will fully admit that I was a tourist loud + proud in San Francisco. I had to see it all and I am happy to report that there is so much more to this city than Uncle Jesse :) I learned three things about San Francisco that I will remember for the next time we visit (and there will be a next time). 1. Pack warmer clothes...I was sooo cold the entire time. 2. Don't eat for a week before going...they have such amazing food! 3. Drive to the seems close but it really isn't.

Love this city.