The birth of Ruby Violet Beloved

This summer I got to witness + photograph something new...the birth of a baby! Although a little nervous at first, I was really excited when Dan + Mel wanted me to capture the birth of their second child. I got a text from Dan that morning saying that things were progressing + that it looked like the baby would be coming sometime that day. When Dan was not responding to my texts I decided to head over to their place as I assumed the lack of updates was because the baby was on its way. As I got out of the car and was walking towards their home, I heard very loud screaming! Man, it was a good thing Dan warned his neighbors would think someone was being murdered! I literally got there minutes before little Ruby Violet Beloved made her grand entrance into the world. Watching a baby being born is completely fascinating and although not appealing on some levels, it is really beautiful. Watching Dan + Mel get their first glance of Ruby was an incredible moment that I will never forget. She was perfect. I thought for sure that watching a birth would make me more fearful than ever of having a baby of my own someday...but it really did the opposite. I was reminded of how precious life is + that bringing a life into the world really is a gift...even if it is ridiculously painful. I am so thankful that I got this opportunity! Ruby Violet Beloved will always hold a special place in my heart...she is a blessed little girl with an amazing name!